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Acknowledging the importance of the rail line to our state's economy, in 2007, the State of Washington purchased three short-line railroad tracks, known as the Palouse River Coulee City Railroad (PCC). The PCC rail line is the state's longest short-line freight rail system. The state recognized that closure of the lines would result in the diversion of traffic to surface streets, and shippers would have no way to move grain during periods when roadway load restrictions and closures are in effect.

The State's purchase of the PCC consists of the CW, P&L, and PV Hooper rail lines, a short-line system consisting of approximately 300 miles of track operating within Grant County, Lincoln County, Spokane County, and Whitman County, Washington. The PV Hooper branch runs from Thornton to Winona, and from Hooper through Winona to Colfax. The CW branch runs from Coulee City to Cheney. The P&L branch runs from Marshall through Pullman to the Idaho border near Moscow, Idaho, and from Palouse directly east to the Idaho border where it meets a line owned by Watco Companies Incorporated (WATCO).